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Fri. Mar 20th 2020
Implemented on 3/16/2020. See "Files" and Coronavirus Updates
Fri. Mar 20th 2020
It is critical that all New Mexicans know the symptoms of COVID-19 infection – those symptoms being fever, cough, or shortness of breath and/or muscle cramping . We are currently in allergy seas...
Fri. Mar 20th 2020
See the full Testing and Travel Guidelines under Files - Coronavirus Updates
Fri. Mar 20th 2020
See the full Amended Public Health Order under Files - Coronavirus Updates
Thu. Mar 12th 2020
From the Declaration:"On March 11, 2020, the Governor of New Mexico has declared a public health emergency, after four New Mexico residents tested presumptively positive for corona-virus (COVID-1...
District-Quemado Lake

With a Fire District that takes in 5 miles radius and three subdivisions, Quemado Lake Estates, Sombra del Gallo and Castle Rock Park, the Quemado Lake Volunteer Fire Department was first established as a sub-station of the Quemado Volunteer Fire Department in February, 2001.

They became a “stand-a-lone” or “main-station” in May of 2005.