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Thu. May 21st 2020
Due to increasing fire danger and to prevent human-caused ignitions, the Bureau of Land Management implemented fire restrictions on BLM-managed lands in New Mexico on May 20 at 12:01 a.m.Prohibitions ...
Thu. May 14th 2020
See "Links" for the entire ORDER!This includes Private Lands!
Wed. Apr 1st 2020
For the Latest Information on COVID-19 see websites listed
Fri. Mar 20th 2020
Implemented on 3/16/2020. See "Files" and Coronavirus Updates
Fri. Mar 20th 2020
It is critical that all New Mexicans know the symptoms of COVID-19 infection – those symptoms being fever, cough, or shortness of breath and/or muscle cramping . We are currently in allergy seas...
Business Line Directory

Fire Department "Business" Telephone Listings

Remember to Dial 911 for Emergencies

Catron County Fire Admin. - 533-6498 (all area codes are 575)

Cruzville, Apache Creek, Aragon Volunteer Fire Dept. - 533-6199

Coyote Creek Volunteer Fire Dept. - 773-4274

Datil Volunteer Fire Dept. - 772-5566

Glenwood Volunteer Fire Dept. - 539-2852

Horse Mountain Volunteer Fire Dept. - 772-5015

Luna Volunteer Fire Dept. - 547-2444

Pie Town Volunteer Fire Dept. - 772-2666

Quemado Volunteer Fire Dept. - 773-4744

Quemado Lake Volunteer Fire Dept. - 773-4166

Rancho Grande Volunteer Fire Dept. - 533-6698

Reserve Volunteer Fire Dept. - 533- 6006 (Reserve VFD is a Municipal FD and does not fall under the County's jurisdiction)

Wild Horse Volunteer Fire Dept. - 772-2610